Wednesday, December 9, 2009

History Channel Monster Quest

History Channel Monster Quest

PC Game | Windows | Activision | 149 MB

Giant footprints trail through the forest, too large to be human, but clearly two-footed and not belonging to a typical woodland creature. As a trained investigator, you've seen this sort of thing before - those footprints look straight out of the files you've been studying, containing eyewitness accounts of a supposedly mythical creature. Could this be further proof that the creature in fact exists, or it is just one more element in an enormous hoax?

The History Channel's smash hit series comes to life on your PC in Monster Quest. Join the team as a junior investigator, hot on the trail of some of history's most famous creatures of myth and legend. Whether you're experimenting in the lab, searching for clues in the field or combing through detailed files, it's up to you to determine
whether these elusive creatures are fact, fiction or fraud. Solve puzzles and complete challenging quests in your pursuit of the truth. With your cleverness and keen investigative skills, the world will finally know whether these creatures of legend are real or figures of humanity's collective imagination.

Features :

* Join the team of the History Channel's hit show for a thrilling journey into the realm of myth and legend
* Pursue five elusive monsters to determine whether they truly exist
* Immerse yourself in a world of rich graphics and mysterious sounds that make the art of monster hunting that much more real
* Engage in field research and study in-depth files to seek out the truth
* Complete dozens of lab experiments to put the so-called evidence to the test
* Put all the clues together to determine whether each monster is real or just a myth

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