Sunday, December 6, 2009

Merlin - S02E10


Season 2, Episode 10: Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

The visit of some Camelot rival kingdoms' dignitaries comes disguised as a tricky peace talk, while King Alined really means war. In that light, he'll do his best to stir the waters and make hostilities arise, no matter if it involves the use of magic. Trickler, Alined's jester, casts a spell on Arthur making him fall madly in love with Vivian, King Olaf's beloved daughter. This outcome, considered a belligerent act, triggers the odds between both rival kings. The havoc caused by the incident starts up quarrels between the royal committee and chaos is ensured in the palace, making Camelot be once more on the verge of war. Will Merlin be able to free

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